Machines for production of wall and desk frames that are sold by "Jadranka d.o.o." are of the highest quality and design. Their producers ALFAMACCHINE, WERTHER, OMGA, MORSA, VALIANI, FLETCHER.

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Ellissomatec is an apparatus that cuts circles or elipses (45 i 90), but its adjustability makes cutting of a couple of openings on one leaf possible. It is equipped with a marker head and a head for cutting of glass. The smallest diameter of circular cuts is 50 mm, and the biggest 540 mm. Dimensions of the biggest oval opening is 450 x 650 mm.


  • head for cutting 45/ 90
  • marker head
  • head for cutting glass

Framework of a pneumatic head
A pneumatic head is different from a regular one by the simplicity of all the operations, from cutting to engraving. Working process is easy, and it is enough to press two buttons placed on a handle for lowering and lifting of a knife.

This is an addition similar to the one mounted on Cuttermatec Special, but with a length of a cut of 105 cm.



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Cuttermatec Special SAD has got the same characteristics as Cuttermatec Special, but with greater possibilities of cutting, so that cardboards with dimensions of 1500 x 1000 m can be cut. Pneumatic head can be mounted on both versions - Cuttermatec Special and Cuttermatec Special SAD.



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MATMATE SYSTEM - 1 m i 81,2 cm

  • Hard/solid surface for cutting
  • Knife that cuts while pushing or pulling, suitable for working either with a right or left hand
  • Adjustable depth of cutting of either felt or sponge boards up to 6 mm of thickness
  • Special shift-bar enables precise and tidy cut
  • Built-in ruler for measuring an edge width up to 15.2 mm
  • Two margines enable precise cutting
  • 6 month guarantee
  • Suitable for "do-it-yourself" workmen. Suitable and quality system and equipment... Ideal for artists, craftsmen, hobbists, photographers and designers.



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    Astra 120/150

    A new model 120/150 makes cutting of paper, card-board and card-board with canvas desk-frames of different thickness and length (from 1250 mm to 1500 mm) possible. To make both measurement and cutting easier, the machine has got margines, screws for adjusting 0 (zero), and knife carriers that are easily handled. The middle cart glide along 4 bearings and two steel rails, which are permanently cleaned by brushes placed on the foot. Each of two carriers rotates on two bearings.



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    FlexiMaster gun for driving in (ranging in) of nails, drives flexible nails for frame production with the same easiness as FrameMaster. FlexiMaster is more flexible and suitable for removal and replacement of felt and card-board in frames, because nails do not have to be replaced. FlexiMaster saves time and money, specially during such jobs that require frequent changes and renewals. Flexible nails for frame production can be easily flattened, so that material can be pulled out and replaced, and nails put in the previous position without breaking them, damaging the material or breaking of glass.

    FlexiMaster has the spring tension regulated, vertical foot and a container that is easily refilled with 170 flexible nails.



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    FrameMaster gun for driving/ranging in of nails is considered to be a standard for quality by museum quality frame producers. FrameMaster's light design and handle for driving in (trigger) enable quick and easy ranging ("shooting") of unwaxed nails for frame connection, and of nails for glass.

    Driven-in nails are ideally flat in the level of surface. A framework for spring tension change enables the adjustment of ranging ("shooting") strength to thickness of wood. A container is easily refilled with 100 nails for frames or glass, which are precisely, one by one, ranged ("shot") without clenching.

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