Machines for production of wall and desk frames that are sold by "Jadranka d.o.o." are of the highest quality and design. Their producers ALFAMACCHINE, WERTHER, OMGA, MORSA, VALIANI, FLETCHER.

For more detailed information about here presented machines for frame production, their prices and terms of purchase, please contact our address:

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tel. (385 1) 6578-780, 6578-781
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e-mail: jadranka1@zg.htnet.hr

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V-Grooving tool

A revolutionary new hand held V-Grooving tool which cuts decorative V-Grooves into matboard. Add style and design to all your picture framing projects. Gives your pictures a professional finish.



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Frame joining and fitting tool

PushMaster will insert all sizes of V-Nails into most types of timber. There is no limit to the size of moulding and PushMaster can be used in hard timbers by tapping the end of the tool with a small hammer or mallet or combining it with the BenchMaster.



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Frame joiner - Powerful action & easy to use

Benchmaster is ideal for the serious home framer, photographer or artist, who want to do their own framing, without investing in expensive professional joiners. The powerful cam action of the handle combined with the heavy duty PushMaster drives V-Nails into the hardest of timbers. Yet its gentle hand action suits joining small mouldings, odd shaped or delicate frames. The BenchMaster is easy and safe to operate and gives yuo a professional finish everytime.

Precision engineered and all-metal construction makes the BenchMaster very stable when used.

  • Suitable for high quality, low volume framing with a professional results.
  • Will join most timbers including very hard woods. Takes all size V-Nails. 7mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm.
  • Double stack V-Nails for joining tall and large mouldings.
  • V-Nails draw the corners together making a tight, firm join without marking the outside of the frame.
  • Front a back stapling positions for tight joints.
  • Can join a large range of frame widths and heights.
  • Optional extension legs for joining up to 130mm - 5 high mouldings.


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Super Steel Strap Clamp

Frame joining tool

The FrameCo Metal Strap Clamp holds frames up to 1.25 1.25 metre (4 4 ft.) square. The precision engineered locking mechanism makes the clamp quick and easy to use. It is ideal when joining a multiple number of frames. The band is spring steel with flexible plastic corners so that the outside edge of of the frame will not be damaged. The Strap Clamp also has the advantage that you can see all the corners together before V-Nailing. There is no limit to the extra corners suppilied for joining 4, 6, 8 and 10 sided frames.

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